Boardman On The BBC

Thursday, 19 November 2009

It's the highlight of the British mountaineering literature calendar tomorrow at the Kendal Mountain Festival, the Boardman Tasker Prize. One of the lucky shortlisted authors will be banking a cheque for £3,000. Calm and Fearless is looking forward to a free glass of cheap red wine. Meanwhile, you can either phone the Tote and put your money on your fancied tome, or watch this lecture from Peter Boardman on the BBC about his experiences climbing in Afghanistan. It's incredible to think they used to make programmes like this. Whatever happened to our attention spans? Anyway, it's included in an excellent Adam Curtis blog about Afghan history. If you want to know why Helmand is such a mess, then Curtis is your man. Just scroll down until you see the appropriate video clip. And our hot tip for this year's Boardman Tasker? Steve House for Beyond the Mountain. Just don't complain when you lose your shirt.

Posted by Ed Douglas at 11.25 AM