Women On Cho Oyu

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

It was great to see Audrey Salkeld at the Kendal Mountain Festival but I was sorry to miss her lecture, which had been scheduled that morning. Audrey's contribution to mountaineering history is considerable, and last week she was talking about the 1959 Cho Oyu expedition, the first all-female expedition to an 8000m peak. I was interested partly because Tenzing Norgay's daughters were on the team, and I wrote a book about Tenzing, but mostly to see footage shot by the British climber Eileen Healey. Maybe the lecture will be repeated again. Audrey told me about a book on this largely forgotten but tragic expedition written by a journalist who went to Cho Oyu with the team. Stephen Harper's A Fatal Obsession: The Women of Cho Oyu was published in 2007 and yet somehow I missed it. I'll get hold of a copy and review it soon.

Posted by Ed Douglas at 11.28 AM