Llamff Tickets Go On Sale

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

North Wales' mountain film festival Llamff is back, running from the 5th to the 7th March. Stephen Venables is the keynote speaker, and other stars attending include Dave Macleod, Steve McClure and James McHaffie. The Best of Banff will be shown, but there's also a film competition with four categories: Main Feature, Short, Newcomer and People's Choice. Rules for the Main Feature category state that "entries must be 14 mintues in length wtih a mountainous, outdoor, environmental or ecological theme." I guess that means at least 14 minutes. George Smith and Noel Craine's climbing quiz is back, which C&F is excited about. We remember the year when George asked which famous climber made love to his mistress while his wife was tied up in a wardrobe. Everybody answered Jim Perrin but it turned out to be the diabolist and mountaineer Alesteir Crowley. As it happens, he's also the speakers list. Perrin, that is, not Crowley.

Posted by Ed Douglas at 10.48 AM