New Messner Movie Sparks Row

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Der Speigel carries a story today on the new movie by Jose Vilsmaier about the Nanga Parbat tragedy of 1970, during which Günther Messner died. Although since the English version is a little garbled, you might want to read The Guardian reporting on Der Speigel. It's fun to watch how a media controversy takes off. Messner told Klettern,  quoted in The Guardian, that he wasn't bothered whether or not the film got made, but it's nice for his family. Thank heavens he doesn't use the word 'closure'. The upshot of the story is that the rest of the expedition still hate Messner and feel wounded that no one ever listens to them, while Messner is still  a strong brand with an apparently endless enthusiasm for talking about himself.

Posted by Ed Douglas at 5.00 PM