Disciple Of The True Faith

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

When I was an angry young man, as opposed to an angry middle-aged man, and looking for cheap gags in a climbing fanzine I used to run, I could rarely resist teasing the serious-minded Colorado climber Pat Ament. We developed a cartoon character called Taap Ment who enthused about the mysteries of the bouldering universe. Twenty years on, and all I can do is apologise to Pat for my youthful smirking. You should never knock enthusiasm, and there's nothing wrong with a spot of reverence once in a while. And I'll  admit I'm looking forward to seeing his new film, about the legendary John Gill and those others who turned American bouldering into something approaching an art form in the 1950s and 1960s. Book dealer Michael Chessler, as hard-nosed a critic of outdoor arts as they come, apparently said it was 'the first time I had tears in my eyes at a climbing movie. It touched me so deeply.' I can't wait.

Posted by Ed Douglas at 5.41 PM