Go West

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Forgive the silence, but I've been beggaring around Tibet for the last few weeks, without access to the internet. I arrive home to the news that Jim Perrin's new book is imminent. West: A Journey Through the Landscapes of Loss is a 'fiercely personal account of love, loss and grief.' Those in the outdoor community aware of the agonising process of Perrin's recent life won't be surprised at the melancholic subject matter. After the sudden deaths of his wife and son, Jim left his home in Wales and fled to an ancient burial ground on an island off the westernmost peninsula of Connemara in Ireland, where he found a remote beach strewn with human bones. West is his extraordinary attempt to understand what brought him there.
The book tells the story of Jim Perrin’s own life against the lives and deaths of his cherished wife and son, and the landscapes through which they travelled together. As TGO magazine reports: 'Possibly the strongest theme is the redemptive power of wild nature.' The book appears something of a step-change for Perrin, whose last full-length book was 2005's The Villain, the biography of hardcore climbing legend Don Whillans. In fact, the subject matter, wild nature and impermancence, are at the core of what Perrin has been writing about for the last ten years or more.

Posted by Ed Douglas at 4.44 PM