Boardman Tasker Shorlist Announced

Monday, 13 September 2010

This year's shortlist for the Boardman Tasker Award was released last week, presenting C&F with the sticky question of how to rate his own chances, with the inclusion of Ron Fawcett's autobiography which I ghosted last autumn. In the past, though I say so myself, I've proved pretty adept at spotting the winner, but  this year shall keep stumm to avoid saying the wrong thing. The list contained one or two surprises, including the novel The Hut Builder by Laurence Fearnley. Not that it shouldn't be there of course, simply that I'd never heard of it, once again proving the value of the BT Award as a way to publicise mountain literature. Alas, I can't find it on Amazon so can't link you to an outlet. At this stage of the game, it's interesting to examine the long list to see what slipped though the cracks. You have to feel sorry for anyone who wrote a book about K2, since Graham Bowley's version of the 2008 tragedy has received so much attention and is such a crisp read. He's a successful journalist for the New York Times, reporting on Wall Street, which in the last few years has rather resembled a bad season on K2. Completely absent is Michael Jacobs chunky travel tome Andes, which surely would have featured on the short list had it been entered. It makes me wonder whether the committee go looking for books. If they don't, they should...

Posted by Ed Douglas at 12.50 AM