What's Wrong With Us?

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Another job I've been doing lately involves editorial work on a plush coffee table book about mountaineering for a large publisher. My responsibilities include helping out on picture research, not something I do very often, so I've been exploring photo library websites around the world. The managing editor on the project quipped that the German site would no doubt be full of digitised images and well organised, while the Italian equivalent would be all over the place. How wrong he was.

The CAI, through the Muzeo Nazionale della Montagno, has over 600 images online and the site has a version in English – and Spanish, German and French too. That's something the Germans haven't organised. Needless to say, we have nothing approaching any of this here in Britain. The Alpine Club has an important archive with many interesting pictures, some of which can be viewed online, but it doesn't have the resources to compete with the CAI, which is more akin to the BMC than the AC. And the BMC doesn't regard mountaineering culture and heritage in the same way the CAI does. Hey ho.

Posted by Ed Douglas at 9.29 PM