Clarkson On Mountain Rescue

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Several people wondered what Jeremy Clarkson had said about mountain rescue in his column after I tweeted about it. Because of Murdoch's paywall, I couldn't post a link, so I'll quote a relevant excerpt. I should say most of the column was about how Prince Harry is cooler than Prince William because he's training to be an Apache pilot and poor Wills has to drive a knackered old Sea King and live in North Wales.

He writes: 'I'm not really surprised to hear that the navy and RAF's rescue services will soon come to an end. Politicians say we can't afford them. Military bigwigs say neither service was set up to rescue Janet Street-Porter if she trips us and gets a hurty ankle.

'I'm afraid I have an objection, too. I don't mind paying for schools and hospitals because a civilised country must help those who cannot afford to help themselves. But why should I fund the rescue of a rambler? He or she chose to go out there in the mountains. He or she knew the risks. And I'm sorry but if they fall over and get gangrene, they can't furtle around in my wallet for assistance.'

And so on. I'm not sure I can be bothered to point out to you the errors in Clarkson's analaysis. Being a heavy smoker and fat, he may soon have a heart attack, and I doubt it will be his private healthcare that saves his life.

It is odd, given that he's a big mate of the prime minister, that he should fail to mention the voluntary mountain rescue teams that are one of the best examples of the Big Society that I can imagine.

Top Gear is still quite cool tho'.

Posted by Ed Douglas at 11.56 AM