Cold Turkey

Saturday, 26 December 2009

C&F hope you had a nice Christmas, but we rather suspect there was little festive cheer in the Canadian ski resort of Banff this year, certainly not at the internationally renowned cultural centre there. Fall-out from the major reorgnisation we reported on earlier in December continues, and there may be more major changes on the way. The Mountain Culture department has now gone and the festivals folded into the Banff New Media Insitute. Banff's role as a lynchpin in the international academic community Mountain Forum is now over and the relevant staff made redundant. We get the impression that Banff's most senior management is mostly interested in the festivals it hosts in November, with a whisper the Book's Festival could be under threat. With the Banff Centre's management training element now losing money, costs will be cut further. The highly successful Banff tour could lose its travelling manager, leaving hosts around the world to manage the event. There are rumblings of tension between senior staff. Fingers crossed that no more damage is done to what has been an engine for creativity in the outdoors.

Posted by Ed Douglas at 5.04 PM