What's Wrong With The BBC?

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Okay, so I work in the media, but that doesn't mean I'm not driven as crazy as a concussed battery hen by the whole meaningless wafflebag. To wit. Having a spare half hour this afternoon, I analysed the last one hundred news reports on the BBC website that featured the word 'climber'. I've been meaning to do this for some time, having got the imression that all they report on climbing is people having accidents. And guess what? I was right. The stories dated back to 29 September 2009. Of the round hundred, only 78 were actually about climbing, or hill walking, since the BBC routinely defines hill walkers as climbers. Of these 78 stories, 51 were about accidents. Of the rest, only two or three fell outside the other staple of the mainstream media, Everest. Why are they so obsessed by us hurting ourselves? And why do they bother when most of the stories are so weak. For example, if you croak with a heart attack in a supermarket in Britain, the BBC doesn't bother. If you conk out on Snowdon, however, you get a few hundred words. Why? Where is the news value of a woman with  minor injuries being airlifted to hospital after a 25ft fall in the Peak District? Come off your motorcycle and unless you wipe out a small troop of boy scouts, the BBC doesn't give a damn. I don't know whether it matters, except perhaps to me. Because newspapers pick up on this tosh, and ask for articles about mountain rescue and weirdness on Everest, as though that's all there is to what we do. Aarghh! Rant over.

Posted by Ed Douglas at 3.32 PM