About Us

Calm and Fearless is the new online arts magazine for the great outdoors. We don't have a grand philosophy, we just want to provide space for reviews, comment and news about all the books, films and art appearing around the world about wild places and the wild things that happen there.

The motivation comes from the dwindling space offered by print magazines to reviewing critically what's out there. We want to provide a focus for everybody interested in this stuff to find out what's going on and whether it's any good. Think of it as a village pub.

Calm and Fearless is generated by the author and journalist Ed Douglas who has been doing this kind of thing for twenty years. The site carries many of his reviews from a range of specialist and mainstream media. In the future, we hope to carry reviews from other writers.

If  you want to contact Ed, particuarly about advertising, you can email him here.

And the name?

'There is one sort of Gambling, to which I am much addicted; and that is not of the least criminal kind for a man who has children and a Concern. It is this. When I find it convenient to descend from a mountain, I am too confident and too indolent to look round about and wind about 'till I find a track or other symptom of safety; but I wander on, and where it is first possible to descend, there I go - relying upon fortune for how far down this possibility will continue...

'O God, I exclaimed aloud - how calm, how blessed am I now - I know not how to proceed, how to return, but I am calm and fearless and confident - if this Reality were a dream, if I were asleep, what agonies had I suffered! What screams! When the Reason and the Will are away, what remain to us but Darkness and Dimness and a bewildering Shame and Pain that is utterly Lord over us, or fantastic Pleasure, that draws the soul along swimming through the air in many shapes, even as a Flight of Starlings in a Wind.'

Samuel Coleridge, August, 1802