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Committed Two

DirectorPaul Diffley and Dave Brown
Producer Hot Aches
Reviewed byEd Douglas
DateMonday, 1 December 2008
Rating 3 out of 5

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People used to say that a family that prays together stays together. Step forward the Whittaker family of Edale, who gathered in March at Burbage South to watch young Pete Whittaker pull off the outrageous first ascent of the direct start to Braille Trail. Heavens, there was there a lot of praying going on. Pete’s ascent of his E9 Dynamics of Change, with its bestial heel hook and mantelshelf, is one of the highlights of Hot Aches’ new offering, Committed 2, a DVD smorgasbord of all that has passed before their cameras this year.

Less rambling than last year’s epic Committed, but with some familiar faces, this year’s disc is a series of five punchy shorts, including Grit Kids, their affectionate look at grit family Whittaker. This portion of Committed 2 garnered not one but two prizes at the Banff Mountain Film Festival, including the ‘Alpine Club of Canada Award for Best Film on Climbing’. Along with Pete redefining the limits of parental responsibility – mum Jill belays on his determined sprint for glory – you can see Katy flashing Nosferatu at Burbage South.

Also included on Committed 2 is James Pearson’s ascent of The Groove at Cratcliffe Tor, between cuddles from girlfriend Emily Brazenall, and – two grades harder at E12 – his long and lonely Walk of Life at Dyer’s Point. Yikes! Only 22 and James has a whole new grade to himself. He is such a nice boy. Reaching the top of The Groove he doesn’t vomit or shout the sky down. He just peers back down the cliff to his belayer and says: ‘Thanks ever so much.’

A personal fave was watching Dave McLeod sketching around in a hoolie attempting what would become The Hurting (XI) on Coire an t’Sneachda before disappearing into the murk at great speed, stopped only by two small cams that almost levered out of their placement. If you fancy a turkey for Christmas, look elsewhere.

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